Case study

Fortum Smart Services

Delivering smart energy solutions for a sustainable future

The challenge

Fortum, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, powers a world where people, businesses and nature thrive together. They help societies to reach carbon neutrality and their customers to grow and decar­bonise their processes in a reliable and profitable way, in balance with nature. Their dedication encompasses both the supply side to boost greener generation options, as well as the demand side to offer practical solutions for individuals and businesses.
Fortum’s Consumer Solutions team in Norway selected Reodor as its innovation partner in 2018. Since then, we have together launched a full “smart energy” vertical that accelerates the energy transition and empowers users to consume energy more wisely and sustainably. The smart services we have launched consistently prove that by giving people tools to gain control over their consumption and costs, they will make smarter, more cost-effective, and more sustainable energy choices.
«Reodor has worked with user experience, customer loyalty and NPS, and also assisted in launching new services that help people consume energy in a smarter and more sustainable way. Reodor has been a trusted collaborator throughout our partnership, supporting us to achieve our goals and creating more value for our customers.»
Kenneth Stokke, Director of Consumer Energy Solutions

The approach

At the core of Fortum’s innovation work are rapid cycles of design, testing, and iteration, fuelled by both quantitative and qualitative data. By gathering insights through interviews, surveys, ads, and landing pages, or fine-tuning business models via iterative financial simulations and market analyses — every step is geared toward creating solutions that are both wanted by the end user, as well as market-ready and competitive at launch.
By building and testing with real customers in-market through no-code platforms like Appfarm, Fortum can rapidly prototype and test full-fledged solutions — sometimes within the span of just one week. This ability to immediately adapt to feedback and quickly implement changes within existing applications has shortened Fortum’s time to market significantly.

The results

Smart Charging: Bringing sustainable, efficient charging to the Nordics
Electric vehicles are crucial in our shift towards environmentally-friendly transportation. However, they also present challenges to our energy systems. Our goal? Minimize the negative impact on the system, while reinforcing the benefits of smart charging to users.
Fortum Smart Charging allows EV owners to charge their vehicles during times of low electricity demand. This approach not only reduces the stress on power infrastructures but also results in cost savings by avoiding price peaks. For the average driver in Sweden with a regular electric car and home charger, the savings on charging costs could be up to 20 percent for the first months.
Starting in 2019, Reodor worked with Fortum to develop the initial business concept, user experience, go-to-market strategy, and continuous improvement. Fortum Smart Charging is currently live and scaled in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Spain.
Smart Heating: High temperatures without the high price tag
A significant part of household energy goes towards heating. Fortum Smart Heating introduces intelligent heating control systems, making cozy homes more energy-efficient in the cold Nordic region and the warm coasts of Spain. The product continually evolves to ensure homes remain warm without wasting energy, making the most of periods with lower energy costs.
Fortum Smart Heating piloted as a beta service in Norway, Finland, and Sweden. Currently, Smart Heating is operational in Norway, with expansion plans targeting Finland and Sweden. Smart Heating has received positive feedback as an easy-to-use product that helps users have smart and easy control of cost-efficient heating.
Smart Advisory: Live insights and personalised advice to save money and live sustainably
Empowerment through understanding is a cornerstone of Fortum's philosophy. The Smart Advisory platform helps users better understand their energy consumption and offers actionable measures to cut down excessive energy use, underlining its role in promoting responsible energy habits.
After a research phase to understand people’s knowledge gaps around their energy use and the market, Reodor worked with Fortum to redesign the Mitt Fortum app to help people gain control over their consumption and avoid costly surprises on their bill.
Over a three-month period, we continuously released new features to a pool of almost 800 test users, including detailed consumption data and savings information. We also made many usability and UX improvements across the Norwegian app, leading to a significant increase in NPS compared to the beginning of the pilot period.