What we do

We put together entrepreneurial teams with top talent across business, design and tech to realize your growth opportunities with you. As trusted consultants or active co-investors, we deliver measurable results from strategy to execution with speed and dedication.

Improve and grow

We increase sales and reduce churn in your existing products and services. Our team will help you understand customer needs, design and implement improvements, and manage customer lifecycle success.

Create and scale

We envision, build and launch new services and companies together with you. Our team will take you from market research and defining growth strategies, to designing, validating and deploying your next product or business concept.

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Market and user research
UX/UI design
Strategy and business design
Concept development
Prototyping and testing
Service design
No-code development
Software development
Growth marketing
Product management
Customer success
Churn reduction
Corporate startups
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Corporate Venture Building

Reodor Ventures – our corporate venture building arm

By combining the resources of corporations with entrepreneurial agility and creativity, we have the potential to solve many of our pressing global issues. Underutilized assets and resources within corporates can help address unmet user needs and solve challenges faster and more efficient – creating solutions that improve everyday lives.

We have designed a program that tackles the challenges and mitigates the risks associated with corporate venture building. Our goal is to increase the number of such efforts within corporate players by proactively initiating, identifying, and investing in opportunities that leverage the capabilities and unfair advantages of leading companies.

Our program is flexible enough to cater to both venture-focused cases and industry cases driven by strategic value for the corporate. We have designed the program with transparency and predictability in mind, to ensure that it benefits all stakeholders, including the corporate, venture teams, investors, and Reodor – benefit from it. Although our framework is repeatable and scalable, we are open to case-by-case adjustments.

With Reodor Ventures, we invest EUR 200-500’ in each initiative. Interested in hearing more? Please get in touch.

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