We are a
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A phone showing a car wash app.A closeup picture of a car headlight with soap running over it.A poster for a service that makes it easier for home sellers to refurbish their house before selling.A person holding an iPhone showing a smart charging app for electric vehicles.
Together with leading companies we create growth through existing or new products and services. We put together entrepreneurial teams of designers, technologists and business developers to accelerate your innovation efforts.

Reodor brought a new lease of life to ReWind at a critical time in our corporate venture journey. The expertise that they bring in service design, UX, and go-to-market strategy, combined with inspiration to think outside the box and see the full market potential, has helped ReWind to successfully launch our first digital product to an initial group of pilot customers.

Working with Reodor feels great from start to finish. Skilled, passionate people fully focused on reaching the goals of their clients. Reodor has the methods, skill sets and will to innovate and deliver results at a high pace.

Reodor’s way of work, user understanding and speed helped us create amazing results in 8 weeks. Scaling this approach up across our other products and markets could prove extremely valuable for us.

Reodor brought great energy and momentum to our project. With a combination of business understanding, product design expertise and a metric driven process they helped us gain valuable insight at an extreme pace.

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