A new way to manage your money


Long story short: By making it easier to keep track of their spendings and expenses. We interviewed people about their spending habits, budgeting and all things money. From the hard core Excel-budgeteer to the laid back "I works out in the end"-person. After a while we realized something interesting: Keeping track of how much money you actually have to spend on whatever you want is pretty difficult. The Excel-budgeteer didn't update the impressive Excel-sheet every day, while others tried to stay on top of the task by noting down all their planned expenses on their phone.

So we asked ourselves: How can we make it easy for everyone to know how much they actually have to spend, and stay on top of their spending throughout the month?

Get working – get testing

With lots of insight, we generated ideas and started testing them right away. Sketching them out on paper, showing it to potential users and did tweaks and iterations along the way.  Moving from lo-fi sketches on paper to more fleshed out concepts in clickable prototypes.

Some of our first mid-fi sketches in Figma, ready to be tested by devoted test users.

Trust the numbers

With general concept in place and a prototype we had confidence solved the problem, we set out to do some quantitative testing. Say hello to Fake door testing.

Within a day we had a couple of variations of a landing page up and running, so all we needed now were some Facebook ads to drive traffic to our site. With that in place we launched our "product" into the real world and crossed our fingers.

One of the variations we pushed out to test our value proposition.

What's a good conversion rate?

We normally answer: Whatever conversion rate beats your current best one. But in this project, we knew we had something based on the conversion rate alone. 30% of people seeing our landing page clicked the "Get started button", got the message that they can sign up to become beta-users and left their email. We were shocked. Over the course of two weeks we had more than 2000 people eager to try it out.