Mapping user needs for a B2B service

Glitre Energi

New regulations, new technology, ever-changing user needs as well as increased pressure on companies to use electricity smarter is hitting most industries. This puts pressure on utility companies and increases expectations for them to provide smarter and better solutions. Glitre Energi is one of the front runners in the utility sector, focusing on developing technology and services helping their private and corporate customers to fully understand and optimise their energy consumption.

🤔 The challenge

We teamed up with Glitre Energi to investigate how they could use their resources, capabilities and technologies to fulfill user and market needs through their existing customer dashboard.

🕵️ Our Approach

In order to improve and develop the dashboard we employed a classic user centric approach. In the first phase we investigated the different users’ needs. Our focus was to understand the specific situations where they would need a dashboard. We looked at their actions, goals and behaviors to really understand the different tasks the users had to perform in order to complete their work. The users came from a variety of sectors, all with different problems and needs. These insights were collected and summarized in an insight map. 

In the second phase, we changed gears. Based on the gathered insights, we rapidly developed the first digital prototype which tried to answer the needs of the users identified in the first phase. This was then presented to the users for testing and feedback. As expected, many of the initial hypotheses we had created were disproven, but some were confirmed.

Using a library of components in Figma enabled rapid prototyping and iterations. Allowing us to tweak and change things quickly as we gathered more insight and feedback.

This process was repeated several times through several iterations, until we reached a version that simplified their customers’ daily work routine. In the end, we made a prioritized list of focus areas moving forward, sorted into a three-step execution plan.

😎 The results

The dashboard is continuously in development, led by a user centric development team at Glitre Energy, and customers can look forward to better, more user friendly and more valuable solutions in the future.