Thursday, February 29, 2024

"Enough talk: How to use innovation to speed up and de-risk your sustainable transition · A Sustainability Hub Breakfast Seminar at Reodor Studios

Corporations face a number of complexities and challenges in the sustainable transition when transforming their sustainability visions into action. On the flip side, many leaders are aware this is an opportunity for growth, and this is why they turn to innovation. We’re shifting the focus from theoretical discussions to practical, innovative solutions that emphasize the importance of speed and de-risking processes when driving sustainable offerings.

Leaders in large companies are well aware of the need transition their businesses to become sustainable and responsible to the planet and the people today, and to most large companies, this remains a complex problem with some knowns and many unknowns that can't seem to avoid a large sum of expenses for an uncertain amount of returns.

Who is it for: Where you are a corporate sustainability, corporate innovation, and or a commercial leader, this event is for you if you are looking to help your company:

  • Commercialize the sustainable transition
  • Harness innovation towards sustainability
  • Create and drive growth in a purpose-driven company

What can you learn:

  • Why innovation is crucial for sustainability
  • Practical steps to take action with low risk
  • How to create speed in a large organization
  • Creative responsible business modeling

Join this breakfast seminar on why innovation is crucial for sustainability. The event will take place at Reodor Studios offices, with our Strategic Advisor in Sustainability, Valerie Leung, together with a leading client in the field, sharing perspectives and experiences on the topic.